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KeySmart Multi Tool Screwdriver & Box Cutter

MSRP: $26.64 ($9.99 USD)
$1.00 AUD = $0.60 USD
Price: $26.64 inc. GST

Box Cutter, Phillips Head Screwdriver, Flat Head Screwdriver, Pry Bar, Ruler

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The KeySmart MultiTool combines 5 powerful tools into one slick gadget that fits seamlessly inside your KeySmart or on your keychain. This is the perfect portable toolbox that is great for the home or office. Quickly cut, tighten or pry on-the-go!

This lightweight tool measures2.39in x 0.44in x 0.13inand weighs only.0171 lbs for a compact carry.

The stainless steel MultiTool includes a sharp box cutter, flat head screwdriver, phillips head screwdriver and a pry bar.

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