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Cold Steel – Brooklyn Slammer Bat

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The Brooklyn Slammer offers the weight of a full size bat at about half the length! Fondly referred to as a half bat by our staff its easy to transport yet big and heavy enough to “slam them over the fence” one handed!

Perfect for school or league games, they can be used as game bats, practice and warm-up bats or even serve as crossover trainers to develop strength and hand/eye coordination for those studying Martial Arts. From our micro sized Souvenir Bat (the Brooklyn Shorty) to our epic over-sized Whopper, and all of the other models in between, we’re sure to have the bat for you!

Part # 92BSW
Weight 30.5 oz (865 g)
Thickness 1 1/8″ (handle)

2 3/16″ (tip)

Taper Short
Knob Standard
Steel/Material Polypropylene
Overall 19.0″ (483 mm)
Additional Feature No

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