KnifeCo 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your purchase from us for any reason, just contact us with the reason and send it back to us within 60 days and we will give you the full purchase price refund.

Lifetime Warranty

Most of the items we sell come with a lifetime warranty or long term (10 years, 15 years, 25 years, etc…) warranty. If the item you purchase from us should break, just return it to us and we will forward it to the manufacturer for repairs or replacement. It will take around 6 weeks for turnaround so please be patient.

KnifeCo 2 Year Warranty

If the item does not come with a warranty from the manufacturer, KnifeCo will provide a 2 year repair, replacement warranty for your purchase. For more information about rights and guarantees for all products purchased at KnifeCo and everywhere else in Australia for that matter, visit the ACCC website at

Invoking Returns and Warranty

Just contact us at with the details of your purchase.